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Eddie McCleister
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Deceased after sacrificing himself.
Actor Tim Guinee

Eddie McCleister, also known as The Occupant and even theorized as The Prime Object—although he himself stated there was no one object which was "prime"—was the man inside Room 10 during The Event.

While the existence of an Occupant had been theorized because someone had to own the Objects, it was not until Joe Miller used The Polaroid as a "viewing window" at the physical location where Room 10 would have been that he was seen and proven as real. Although it was thought he was dead when Joe and Karl Kreutzfeld looked for his body in the Vault. It was at that time they thought of him as The Prime Object.


Eddie McCleister became what would be known as the Occupant after the Event erased from existence the Sunshine Motel Room and all its contents—including him because he was staying in the room at the time the " The Event " occured .

After discovering this and realizing that even his own wife, Mabel, did not remember him after this, he eventually committed himself to a sanitarium in Green Valley, New Mexico under the name of "John Doe". He soon realized that he could not age, die, or be injured, and used his power as the only Object with a living will to repel all other Objects. Although finally, when he felt The Wedding Photo moving towards him he allowed it to come to him hoping it was his wife. He was at first enraged to find it was in the possession of Joe Miller and grabbed Joe's gun in an attempt to end his own life by sticking it in his mouth and pulling the trigger. Which failed since all Objects are indestructible while outside the Room.

Regaining his composure, Eddie finally talked with Joe.


After learning of Joe's predicament, he realized only the Occupant could return Anna to the real world. Realising he had nothing to live for, and theorizing that if he was killed in the room Joe Miller would take his place as Occupant due to what he called "Conservation of Objects", similar to Conservation of Matter.

He instructed Joe to take him to the motel. Once inside the Room, he asked Joe to kill him since objects can be destroyed in the room, and thus taking his place as Occupant so Joe could envision his daughter to bring her back.


  • When the miniseries debuted on The Sci-Fi Channel, since rebranded as "SyFy", it was air in three two-hour parts. The title of Part Three, in which Eddie McCleister was introduced, was The Eye and the Prime Object. In subsequent airings and for the DVD Release, the episodes were broken into six one-hour episodes divided by dropping the "and" in the titles. In this format, "The Prime Object" was retitled to The Occupant.