Harold Stritzke
Harold Stritzke
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Living
Objects Owned The Comb

Harold Stritzke was formerly the owner of The Comb. Due to his objects extraordinary power, and the fact that it was sought after by every Cabal, notably the Order of the Reunification, Harold had developed severe paranoia and thought that everyone was out to get him. After meeting Joe Miller, he initially thought him to be a member of the Order. After a long and tedious chase, Joe finally caught Harold and pushed him into the room, where the Comb would not work. Harold began to trust Joe when he realised that Joe did not want the Comb, and only wanted to know how to use it.

He played a minor role in a skirmish around his auntie's caravan following these events, between members of the Order and Joe Miller, which resulted in the deaths of at least one Order member at the hands of Jennifer Bloom. During the fight, Harold suffered a gunshot wound to the hand. This made him realise that the Comb wasn't really worth the trouble it had caused him, and he finally realised that if he got rid of the Comb, then the Order would stop chasing him. He relinquished the Comb to the Legion, and walked away without worry, for the first time in years.