Issac Kreautzfeld was the son of Karl Kreutzfeld, a notable object collector. He died tragically of Leukimia and his death devastated his father. Using the Quarter to keep himself sane by creating another version of his son, Karl vowed to do whatever it took to get his son back. After heavy research into the Objects and the Collectors, Karl realized that he could recreate the Conroy experiment and use the tear in reality to resurrect his son, and also get Joe Miller's daughter Anna back from the alternate reality of Room 9. He fooled Joe by saying that Isaac was still alive, and he wanted to get into the Collectors Vault in order to take the Glass Eye, a powerful object that could heal or destroy all flesh. He said he wanted to use it to cure his son, but in reality he actually wanted to tear a hole in reality. Karl was deluded into thinking that he could control the tear, but when he attempted this, Isaac appeared to him. However, he backed away from the doorway as he did not want to return to life. Whilst trying to follow him, Karl was sealed inside the alternate reality and the objects reset themselves back into the room.