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Jennifer Bloom
Jennifer Bloom.jpg
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Living
Actor Julianna Margulies

Jennifer Bloom was a member of the Legion and a close friend and partner to Joe Miller. She joined the Legion after her brother, Drew, was 'mentally unhinged' in Room 9, which started her personal hatred of the objects. Due to the Legion's qualms about killing, she owned the Nail File, to use as a means of painlessly incapacitating people. She attempted to recruit Joe Miller into the Legion initially but instead decided to help him find his lost daughter. She gave him the location of the Comb, deep in Order territory. However, during an Order attack on Harold Stritzke's caravan, she had to shoot a member of the Order to save Joe. This deeply saddened her, as she had broken the vow of the Legion. However, after reassurance from Joe, she continued to help him as more of a friend than just an untrustworthy helper.

She took a film reel from the husband of Arlene Conroy, who willing gave it to them after stating that he 'never wanted to see it again.' The film reel depicted the disastrous results of the so-called 'Conroy Experiment'. By analyzing the film using the Legion advanced equipment, she realized that the Occupant had in fact dragged Conroy into the room to prevent her from destroying the universe. She also realized that Karl Kreutzfeld planned to reinvent the Conroy experiment and summoned some of the Legion members to attack Kreutzfeld House. However, they were tipped off by the leader of the Legion and Kreutzfeld was waiting for them. After vaporizing the entire of the Legion attack force and several of his own security guards, Kreutzfeld captured Jennifer and traveled to the Sunshine Motel to begin his experiment. Joe Miller arrived just in time to see Kreutzfeld open the doorway to the other dimension. Anthony, Kreutzfeld last security guard, was about to attack them when Kreutzfeld accidently vaporized him. Kreutzfeld then disappeared inside the room, and Jennifer witnessed Joe return his daughter to the real world. She then possibly went on to marry Joe or at least stay with him as Joe introduced her to his daughter Anna.