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Lee Bridgewater
Lee Bridgewater.jpg
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Living

Lee Bridgewater was a detective and colleage to Joe Miller, Lou Destefano and Martin Ruber in the Pittsburgh Police Department. She took part in the hunt for Joe after Anna Miller's supposed kidnap and Lou's murder, as Joe was officially blamed for both the kidnap and the death of his friend, but Lee never really believed Joe would kill Lou or kidnap his own daughter which she knew he loved very much. She arrested Joe upon finding him but was incapitated by a deranged Martin Ruber using the Deck of Cards, and saw the Sunshine Motel along with the objects during the vision. She began to dream about objects and seemed to realise what had actually happened, eventually turning on Ruber as he was rescued from the desert. She tried to kill him after realising his guilt of Lou's murder, but he used the Glasses to prevent her gun from firing.