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Background Edit

The Legion was a group of individuals who were aware of the existence of Objects and worked towards the ultimate goal of removing them from public use to prevent their powers from falling into the wrong hands. Although not a cabal like the Order, the various members do seem to adhere to a set of common principles - many have a personal dislike of the Objects, and the organisation pledges never to kill. Among the community of Object collectors and trackers, the Legion is known for wanting to hide the objects away from everyone to prevent them from causing damage to the world.

The Legion seemed to be more loose organisation than the Order, and it is unknown how many members it has. Several were killed in action by karl Kreutzfeld and it is unknown whether the Legion still exists following the events of Room 9 and the recreation of the Conroy Experiment.

History Edit

The Legion was established at some point following 1961, and over time it began to gain influence both in terms of number of members and number of Objects it acquired. Those who have a reason to hate the Objects, such as losing loved ones to their influence or effects, flocked to the Legion particularly due to their status as a benevolent organisation with a moral code. Jennifer Bloom joined the organisation at some point following an incident related to Objects in Room 9 of the Sunshine Motel that left her brother a broken man.

At its height the Legion was notorious among the Object Tracker community for hiding away many of the most sought-after Objects across the United States, and it is known that at least one branch was coordinated by an operator, Arjun Mehta, who had significant technology capable of digitising and enhancing old tape, a large information archive with locations of Objects and information on Cabals, and access to a large subterranean facility.

Following the failed attack on the Kreutzfeld residence that caused the deaths of many Legion members, it is unknown what became of the Legion. One of the few known surviving members was ironically Mehta himself, who had betrayed the Legion to Kreutzfeld and caused the deaths of all but one of his team, presumably for a financial or Object-related reward. At this point the Legion was known to possess several of the most powerful Objects in existence, including the Pen, the Comb and the Nail File.

Key Members Edit

  • Jennifer Bloom
  • Karl Kreutzfeld (Left to become an object collector)
  • Arjun Mehta (Betrayed the Legion to Kreutzfeld, current status unknown)
  • Several Unnamed Members (Killed in Action by Karl Kreutzfeld)
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