Mabel Smith is the woman whom Eddie McCleister, The Occupant, knew as his wife in the reality prior to the Event.

After the Event, Eddie traveled back to Willowbrook, Arizona, the starting point of the Bus Ticket, only to find that Mabel had no recollection of him as the Event erased him from the new reality. Alarmed and frightened by his insistence that she remember him, she called the police to have him taken away.

Later in 2006, the newspaper police blotter report of that incident steered Joe Miller and Wally Jabrowski to her at her job as a Willowbrook librarian. While recounting what she remembered of the incident, she pulled out the Wedding Photo which Eddie had given to her in 1961 as proof of his claims. Although Wally confirmed it as an Object, its properties were unknown since Mabel keep it tucked away in a book all those years and apparently never had opportunity to find out exactly how special it was. She gave it to Joe.

Stating she had never married, Mabel wistfully admitted she had often wondered "what if" she had said, "Yes, I remember you," to Eddie.