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Martin Ruber
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Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Living
Objects Owned Glasses

Martin Ruber was a forensic scientist and had a particular obsession with the objects. After claiming the glasses and joining the Order of the Reunification, Martin attempted to fulfill his desire to claim all the objects and communicating with God, the belief of the Order. He ends up being trapped in a desert by Joe Miller, and after wandering for days he has a 'vision' of the Room after staring at the Polaroid for too long. After being rescued, he claims to have become the 'Prophet of the Objects' and defies the Order's beliefs.

It is unknown whether the vision he had was genuine or not, since he was suffering from extreme heat exhaustion and dehydration at the time. However, the vision of the room showed the room exactly as it was before the event, despite him only seeing the Polaroid's power for a brief second. It even went as far as to show the Occupant, (him) in the exact spot as he is in the Polaroid, minus the glass eye.

If the vision was genuine, it could also be concluded that he was indeed the 'prophet of the objects' since his confidence and knowledge of the objects after his revival (enough to convince Margret that her religion was wrong, and also to see into Lee Bridgewater's head) was out of character for Ruber. He then walked out of the hospital with Margret, presumably to start a new Order, centered around his belief that re-uniting all the objects would give a person god-like powers. When confronted by Lee, he casually admitted to Lou Destefano's death and predicted her dreams. He said that as soon as she knew more about the objects, she should find him again. She tried to shoot him but he pulled the glasses out of nowhere and rendered her gun useless. With a grin he strode confidently away, leaving Lee dumbstruck.