Order of the Reunification
Members Martin Ruber

Background Edit

The Order was created some time after the fall of the Collectors after the disastrous Conroy Experiment. The Order, also known as the New Religion, believes that if all of the Objects are reunited, humans will gain the ability to communicate with God. They store all of the objects that they collect in a shrine in their headquarters, and operate on a strict rank system. Each group of the Order has a leader, but they all answer to higher ranking Order members. It is unknown how Order members are promoted in rank, but it could be based on either length of time as a member of the Order or the number of objects that particular member collected.

Key Events Edit

The exact time of the Order's creation is unknown, but they were created to fill the gap left by the Collectors after they 'annihilated' themselves. The Order wants the key above all other objects, since it can be used to locate any other object.

The Order is shown to be larger and more organised than their rivals, the Legion.