Sood was the owner of a Book Shop who showed particular interest in the objects.

He catalogued information and artifacts related to objects but claims to not have any objects (for sale, at least) due to the trade being 'dangerous business'.

He appears initially as one of Karl Kreutzfeld's 'friends', and sells him a book written by John Clarke, one of the original Collectors. Joe Miller uses the key to infiltrate the Sood's shop and kidnap Karl, much to Sood's dismay.

When Joe needs information on objects to help find the Eddie McCleister, he goes to Sood for help. With help from the Weasel, Joe gains access to Sood's library. Although initially reluctant to help Joe, (even threatening to kill him at one point), Sood eventually gives in when Joe apologises for the disturbance and hints at his greater goal.

Sood provides valuable information to Joe and gives him the information he needs to find the Occupant, making him vital in Joes quest to find his daughter.

Wally Jabrowski describes Sood's shop as a place where 'object wannabes' hang out to try and get more information on the objects. It is true that Sood doesn't sell objects however he does know all of their locations, having records of objects that go back to 'the beginning' for some. He is very proud of his collection and would not think twice to kill someone who tried to steal from him. He seems to fear objects as a whole, because despite the fact that he knows the location of all of them he makes no attempt to retrieve any of them, claiming to deal only in Science.