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The Bus Ticket was an object owned by Wally Jabrowski. Its power was to transport any person who touches it to the middle of the road of Route 66 a few miles outside Gallup, New Mexico, and not far from the ruins of the Sunshine Motel.

In order to use it as a weapon, Wally taped the bottom third of the ticket to avoid transporting himself. It seems, however, that if the user on purpose or by accident touches the ticket themselves, the ticket goes with them. This is shown when Wally transports other people, he keeps the ticket in his hand. However, when he and Joe Miller touch their own foreheads with the ticket, it is transported to Gallup with them.

Expecting a double-cross, Joe used the ticket to escape the Collectors' Vault after Karl Kreutzfeld betrayed him and sealed him inside to die.

The ticket originated in Willowbrook, Arizona.