The Collectors were the first cabal who discovered the objects and wanted to claim them all. Apparently they were very close to achieving this goal before they 'annihilated' themselves in an experiment that later became known as the 'Conroy' experiment after their leader, Arlene Conroy, who was the owner of the Sunshine Motel and was obsessed with the objects.


The Collectors were set up after they realised that something happened at their motel that changed the world. The owner of the motel, Arlene Conroy, found a mysterious key to Room 10, even though the Motel only ever had nine rooms. She tried using the key and entered Room 10, presumably through Room 9. According to her husband, most of the objects were already in the Room at this point.

They then set about trying to get all of the objects. Karl Kreutzfeld claims that they were close to getting all of the objects but, as described by her husband, Arlene Conroy started doing experiments revolving around Room 9, and they discovered that arranging objects on the door and opening it with the key could tear a hole in reality. They wanted to use this power to reshape reality but the Eddie McCleister put a stop to their experiment by pulling Arlene Conroy into the alternate dimension of Room 9, much to the dismay of her husband.

Believing that Arlene had sacrificed herself to prevent the tear in reality from destroying the whole world, he left the Colllectors some time before the first Cabal War, in which many Collectors were killed, including John Clarke, who was a prison guard who joined the Collectors some time after the creation of the objects. The Collectors used the prison in which he worked to conceal a vault from their enemies, and in it they hid the objects they deemed too dangerous for people to use, including the Glass Eye. Judging by the coffin-shaped box in the vault, it can be assumed that they intended for the Occupant to be put there as well, but he ended up in a mental home.

After this, the Collectors vanished, with their remaining members either disappearing or going insane. It is thought that any of the Collectors who survived the First Cabal War either died soon after or went into hiding. It is not known who the Collectors were fighting during the First Cabal War but it is thought that it is either the Order or another older Cabal who had since disbanded.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Arlene Conroy - Leader - Was trapped in the alternate reality in Room 9 following the Conroy experiment
  • Mr. Conroy - The Janitor of the Sunshine Motel, he was less keen on the objects than his wife
  • John Clarke - A Prison Guard, died in the First Cabal War. He possibly helped set up the Collectors Vault.
  • Barbara Strizke - She kept the Comb after the Collectors disbanded and died soon afterwards. Her nephew is Harold Stritzke.