The Pair of Glasses was an object owned by Martin Ruber, after he stole them from a local mechanic. The glasses had the power to inhibit combustion when worn, and they were put to good use by Ruber as they could extinguish fires and prevent guns from firing. Ruber got the information of the glasses whereabouts from Suzie Kang, and she charged him five thousand dollars for the information. Ruber killed (or seriously burned) the previous owner of the glasses and took them to the Order of the Reunification, and was accepted as a member.

The glasses were used again by Ruber after he seemingly pulled them out of nowhere to stop Lee Bridgewater from killing him, although Margret may have retrieved them for him. This was supposed proof of his control over the objects and the fact that they protected their 'prophet' from harm.

The Glasses were Ruber's signiture object throughout the series, being the first object he owned (albiet stolen), his key into the Order and also his means of protecting himself. Next to the Polaroid and the Deck of Cards, they are the only objects he is seen using.

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