The Lost Room Wiki
The Key
Vital statistics
Effects Room access
Owners Joe Miller

The Key is an object that converts any hinged door with a pin tumbler lock into the door to Room 10. Because of this extraordinary power and its usefulness, the Key is sought after by many Cabals and object collectors. The user of the Key is immune to the reset of the room, as when the key is in the room it will not reset. However, if the Key leaves the room and the door is closed, the room will reset, reverting it back to the condition in which the user of the Key always finds it. Anything within the room, excluding objects, will be transported to the alternate dimension inside Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel.

The Key can be combined with the Comb and the Watchbox to preserve the 'Echoes' in Room 9, it can also be combined with six other objects to open a 'tear in reality', as seen during the Conroy Experiment.

The Key was happened upon by Joe Miller, and is his signature Object throughout the series. It is also seen used by Alrene Conroy, Ignacio Loca, Karl Kreutzfeld and Jennifer Bloom.