The Key and the Clock is the first Episodes of The Lost Room.


The KeyEdit

In the Braddock Hills Pawn Shop in Pittsburgh, Marco Cordova places a briefcase on the table. He opens it to reveal a motel key. Another man in the room's eyes flare up when he sees it. He grabs a trunk and opens it revealing a miniature folding door. He assembles it and goes to take the key. Marco raises a gun to the other as a boy in the room raises his to the Hispanic. Jake places his hands high and says that he has to check it. The two lower their guns as Jake takes the key and inserts it into the lock on the door he assembled. Opening the door, a bright light shines and his eyes grow wide again before he closes it. He pulls out a cell phone, still in slight shock and tells the person on the other end that he has it and that it is real. Marco then takes the key away and points his pistol at Jake, telling him "money first". Jake tells the person on the other end what Marco said. Jake then points down and Marco opens a laptop and sees a money transfer of two million dollars in his account. Marco hands over the key to the buyer and packs up his stuff. As he tries to run out the door, three men enter and two grab Marco. Jake calls to Iggy who tosses his gun over to Jake. the leader of the three men pulls a pen from his coat pocket as the Hispanic says, "Weasel don't". Weasel says that his friend Marco has made a mistake and sold the buyer something that belongs to him. Jake refuses to hand over the key and Weasel begins clicking his pen. He moves closer and closer to Jake until finally he moves to stab him with the pen as a flash of light is seen from outside the shop.

Police arrive on scene and two detectives enter the shop. One asks if it was a robbery while the other says that it does not look like the register has been touched. Joe Miller says that it smells as if someone had a barbecue. Seeing the key buyer pinned to the wall, badly burned and dead, Lou Destefano says that someone did. Looking up, Joe sees Marco hanging out of the ceiling, burned and dead as well. Lou says that he thought that there were two bodies. Joe says that they do as he continues to stare up. Lou looks up in awe.

Several photos are taken and Lou greets Dr. Martin Ruber whom he calls Ruby. Ruber says hello to Peaches, referring to Lou. Ruber asks who the man pinned to the wall is and Lou tells him that his name is Jake Squillo, the manager of the pawn shop. He says the owner's name is Karl Kreutzfeld. Joe asks Ruber if he has a cause of death and Ruber replies no. Lou says, "How about burnt to a crisp," but Ruber says no as the clothes are intact while they should have been the first to light up. Joe throws out the possibility that they were electrocuted. Lou then inquires about their "super hero", Marco. Ruber says that his neck is broken like he was shot out of a canon. Joe says that things don't make sense and Lou tells them that they have a possible witness, Ignacio Loca. Joe gets upset and says that he knows Iggy. He says that he is a sweet kid but has a horrible family. He then says that they should go pick him up.

Being driven in his car, Weasel's henchmen tell him that they have to get to work in the morning and would like to get to sleep. Weasel leans forward and holds the Pen to one's neck and says that they should have thought about that before they lost the key.

On there way to find Iggy, Lou tells Joe that he and his wife are going to the lake over the weekend and Joe and Anna are welcome to join them. Joe says that Lou does not need to invite them every time they go up there. Lou says that his wife, Kathy, loves Anna. Lou asks what Joe's lawyer said and Joe responds that Vanessa, his ex-wife, might have a case. Lou reassures Joe and says that he will not lose Anna. Suddenly they see Iggy and try to stop him but Iggy runs and escapes by using the Key in a door at the back of the alley. Joe goes to the door but finds it locked. He knocks and a voice tells him to hold on. When he comes out, Iggy is nowhere to be found. Weasel, who saw Joe running after Iggy, tells his henchmen that he wants the cop's name.

At their home, Anna and Joe are having a meal. Anna asks if she can be done. Joe says okay and Anna tries to run off but Joe tells her to clear her dishes. He asks her how school was that day and Anna says a student brought in a large earthworm and that she touched it. Joe asks her to come to him and he touches her hand. He then pulls away, pretending he can still feel the slime. Anna laughs and says that he can't. Joe gets a call from Lou who says that they picked up Iggy at his mom's. Joe tells Lou he will be right there.

Joe takes Anna with him to the station where they run into Lee Bridgewater. Joe says he will take Iggy to his office and asks Lee to watch Anna. In his office, Joe tells Iggy that Iggy swore to him that he would never see him in there. Iggy looks away but Joe tells him too look at him when he is talking. Joe asks what happened at the pawn shop but Iggy says that he can't. Joe says that Iggy's old man would have killed him had his mom not killed him first and Joe says everything he did to protect him, including lying for him. Iggy says that if he tells him what happened, his mom will be killed. Joe says that he will protect her but Iggy questions who will protect Joe. Frustrated, Joe dumps Iggy's belongings and holds up a watch. Iggy then asks to go to the bathroom but Joe says no. Iggy says he feels like he is going to puke and Joe says he bet he does. Joe then holds up the Key and asks why he has a motel key if he has an apartment. Iggy says that it is not a real place. Iggy tries to get up but Joe yells to sit down. Joe asks once more what happened and Iggy begins to explain that three men came in and one was named Weasel. Joe asks how he burned them but Iggy grabs the Key, knocks Joe over and escapes through the door with the use of the Key. Joe get up and opens the door but Iggy is nowhere to be seen nor does anyone look like they just saw someone running through the halls. Later, Joe runs through the security footage and sees that though Iggy went through the door in Joe's office, he never came out the other side. Lou walks in and says that the phone records show that one of the guy's called his boss, Karl Kreutzfeld, right before he died.

At the Kreutzfeld House, a birthday party is being held for Kreutzfeld's son, Isaac. Lou asks Kreutzfeld if he made all his money in a pawn shop. Kretuzfeld responds no and that he owns a chain of dry cleaners, saying it is ridiculous how much people will pay to have their clothes washed without water. He says that the pawn shop was his grandfather's and that his grandfather loved things, always saying something along the lines of "show me your things and I'll tell you your life's story". Lou inquires why Jake Squillo called him right before his murder. Kreutzfeld responds that he wanted to know about closing up early since business was slow. Joe asks about Iggy but Kreutzfeld just shakes his head. Joe then asks if Jake mentioned anything about a key. Kreutzfeld turns around suddenly but says that there was no mention of a key. He then apologizes for being so distracted and says he hopes they catch whoever did this.

Elsewhere,Iggy is walking in a car lot while on his cellphone. He tells the woman on the phone, Jennifer, that he just wants to get rid of the key but there is no response. Suddenly, a black Range Rover tries to run him over but he jumps out of the way. Two men get out of the car and immediately start shooting at Iggy. Iggy runs and uses the Key on a door but gets shot several times in the back and falls in, closing the door behind him.

Back home, Joe asks Anna what she wants to watch tonight. She responds Nemo. Joe asks. "again?" and tries to list other choices but Anna keeps saying Nemo. Joe hears a door and looks around the corner to see that a door has been opened. He tells Anna to stay there. He approaches the door and is about to open it when Iggy falls out, badly injured. Joe tells Anna to go to her room. Iggy apologizes and Joe calls for an ambulance. Iggy keeps apologizing and says that he was double crossed. He hands Joe the Key and repeats several times that it opens every door as he dies.

Later, police arrive at Joe's house. Lou approaches Joe and Anna and asks if they would like to sleep at his house tonight. Joe says that they are alright and says there is something he would like to talk to Lou about but Lou gets a call from his wife whom he tells that Joe and Anna will not be staying with them. At night, Joe cannot sleep and gets up. He walks to his closet door where Iggy came out of and opens it, looking inside for a second before closing it. He then takes the Key and opens the door with it. When the door opens, Joe is stunned to see a completely separate room from what he had seen just moments earlier.

Joe walks in and examines the Room, finding it to be a pristine looking motel room. Looking outside the window, he finds a desert and the a sign saying Motel. He closes the door and reopens it to find he is now on a beach. He steps outside in amazement before rushing back into the Room. He closes the door and opens it once again to find himself staring into a biker bar. He closes the door once moor and says, take me home and arrives back at his home. When he walks out, Anna confronts him and asks what is in the room he just came out of. Joe says that it is just a dream and opens the door for her to see that it is just a closet. He then tells her to go back to bed.

At his home, Martin Ruber is looking over old case files of victims with similar burns to those of the pawn shop victims. He finds that one had swallowed a motel key. His wife then surprises him and asks if he is coming to bed. Ruber says eventually and kisses her goodnight.

The next morning, Joe cooks breakfast for Anna. She asks if he can make animal pancakes. Joe asks what animal she wants and Anna says she wants an elephant. Joe tells her that he does not know how to make an elephant but asks if she wants a mouse instead. Anna insists on elephant pancakes and Joe gives in. Anna runs off and takes the Key with her. Joe gets a call from Lou and continues making a pancake as Anna runs back and forth. She then tells her father that stuff keeps disappearing in the Room. She shows Joe by taking him to a door and opening it with the Key. She then asks her father to pick a stuffed animal from the pile in front of them. Joe says that he does not think that they should be doing this but Anna insists. Joe picks an animal but Anna tells him not that one and hands him a different one which he then throws into the Room. She closes the door and then opens it again to find that the toy is no longer there. She then runs in the room and takes the bedding off of the bed and puts it on the floor. Joe tries to tell her that her experiment is over but she gets him to open it again to find that the bedding is back in place. Joe closes the door and makes Anna promise not to tell anyone about the Key or the Room.

Lou wakes up that morning and goes into his kitchen to find Joe sitting at his table. Joe tells him to get dressed as there is something that he needs to show him. Joe explains to Lou about the Room and after Lou gets dressed they head into the Room. Lou worries about it resetting while they are in there but Joe says that as long as they have the key they are safe. They walk in and Joe picks up the old phone in the room before hanging it up. Lou examines the closet and the bathroom. Joe turns on the t.v and Lou tells him that there is flowing water and electricity. He asks if they can go anywhere and Joe says anywhere with a door. Lou then says that Penn State is playing.

The two walk out onto the field to watch Penn State play. Joe says that someone tried to pay two million dollars for the Key and Lou says that he would pay three. Joe says they cannot keep it since three people are dead because of it and Lou says that they should then enjoy it while they can.

Back at the station, Joe and Lou run into Lee and offer her a cigar straight from Cuba. Lee laughs and tells Joe that he has a visitor, Jennifer Loca, Iggy's sister. Joe sits down with her and says he is sorry for her brother. She thanks him and says half brother. Joe asks if her and Iggy were close and she responds that she left home early and thought they would be closer later but it is too late for that now. She says her mother told her to come down for any outstanding paperwork. He tells her that it is all taken care of unless she wants to sign for his personal effects. Joe watches as she signs and then grabs her, saying Iggy did not have a sister. She asks if Joe took it, the Key. Joe asks what it is and she says she is responsible for it. Joe refuses to let go of her until she tells him what it is. She says she will show him and grabs The Nail File from her purse.

Joe wakes up on the floor to the sound of Lou's voice. Lou asks what's wrong and Joe tells him that she knows, prompting Lou to ask who. Jennifer runs to her car and makes a call, telling the person on the line that Miller has the key and drives off.

Sometime later, Joe is preparing to take Anna to an appointment. Anna asks if she has to get a shot but Joe says that it is not that kind of appointment and that they just want to ask her a few questions about what it is like to live there. Anna does not want to go but Joe says she has to. He explains that the people just want to make sure that they are doing good and asks Anna if she thinks they are doing alright. Anna replies yes except that Joe will not let her stay up late. Joe drops her off at the appointment and asks the receptionist how long it will take. She replies that it will be a few hours but there is a coffee shop across the street if he would like.

Joe begins walking out of the hospital but encounters a man fighting a nurse. Wally tells the nurse that he needs decent food and then holds a bus ticket above the nurse's head and says that he condemns him to hell. With a touch of the Bus Ticket to the nurse's head, the nurse disappears. Joe is shocked by this and stares at Wally. Wally runs and Joe chases after him. Wally stops and quickly hits Joe on the head with the Bus Ticket, causing him to suddenly fall from the sky and hit the pavement in an unknown location outside Gallup, New Mexico.

Joe gets up and the nurse asks Joe where they are. Joe replies that he doesn't know and the nurse walks on. Joe finds a house and uses the Key to go back to the hospital. In the meantime, Wally is running rampant around the hospital. He turns the corner and finds Joe whom he promptly hits with the Bus Ticket again. After recovering again, Joe heads back to the hospital once more. Joe tries to sneak up on Wally but just gets hit again. Wally gets in an elevator and after the door opens, gets punched by Joe, who has made it back again. Wally, in pain, asks why Joe won't stay gone. Joe simply holds up the Key.

At the coffee shop across the street, Joe sits down with Wally. Wally says that Joe is the new motel guy. Joe asks about the Bus Ticket and puts it in his pocket. He asks for Wally's name and responds, saying he is Detective Joe Miller. Wally says that a cop is an interesting angle. Joe asks what Wally was in the hospital for and Wally responds hemorrhoids and asks what it is to him. Joe sarcastically responds that his daughter is in the hospital for a psych evaluation because his ex-wife is suing for custody and she will most likely win and thanks Wally for asking. Wally apologizes and says he forgets to be human sometimes. A waitress comes and asks if they would like anything else. Wally stares at the waitress for a minute before Joe says that it is on him. Wally then orders two Greek omelets. Wally explains that he blew the last of his money on his surgery. Joe then pulls the Key out and places it on the table, causing Wally to gag. Wally tells him to put it away. Joe asks what it is but Wally asks if he is joking. Wally then says that he does not know. Joe then takes the bus ticket and starts to get up. Wally then gives in and says that it is an Object. Joe then gives him a glare and Wally says that it is one of many and they come from he Motel Room. Wally is shocked to learn that Joe possesses the Key but doesn't know what it is. Joe asks how many Objects there are but Wally just whistles. Joe starts to get up again but Wally gives in and says that there are at least one hundred and nobody really knows for sure. He explains that they all do weird things, some useful some not. He once knew a guy who owned the Pencil which when tapped against a surface, creates a penny. He says the guy made five hundred dollars a day tapping the Pencil. Six months later, he went insane. Wally says the Umbrella makes people think they know the owner which is particularly helpful if a person is shy. He says the last guy who owned it moved to Seattle to be less conspicuous. He says other objects such as the Key are highly useful. Joe questions about the Bus Ticket but Wally says it is not that useful unless a person wants to get to a spot outside Gallup, New Mexico. Joe asks why Gallup but Wally responds why not.

Joe then asks what happened in the Motel Room. Wally says something terrible and asks Joe if he ever feels that there is something wrong with the universe. Joe says yes. Wally says that he is right and that things like this should not happen but they did in the Motel Room. He says everyone has their theories. Some people believe that God died in the Room and that the Objects are pieces of his corpse. Others believe that some part of the universe broke down in there and the Objects are physics gone haywire. Others believe God is alive and that the Objects are a test. They are all out trying to gather the Objects. Joe asks Wally what he thinks but Wally says he does not care. He says all that matters is the price; all Objects have a price for using them. Joe question what price Wally paid but he says that he is not the one Joe should be worried about. Wally explains that Objects attract each other like magnets and there are now people after Joe. Joe then realizes that they might be after Anna and gets up, giving Wally back the Bus Ticket and leaves him with the check.

Joe hurries back to the Hospital and asks the receptionist where Anna is but the receptionist explains that Anna left with her father. Joe then gets a call from Weasel who says that Joe has something of his and he has something of Joe's. Weasel sets up a trade then and Joe hurriedly goes to his car. He drives towards the trade spot, dodging traffic and driving like a maniac, while calling Lou to have him meet there. Weasel arrives at the spot and tells his henchman to burn all the doors. Joe arrives to see all the doors burning in a pile. He walks up to Weasel with his gun ready. One of the henchmen asks what the gun does and Joe responds that it shoots bullets really fast. Weasel asks if Joe knows what the Pen can do and explains that it can cook his daughter like a microwave. Joe puts down his gun and hands over the Key. Weasel orders his men to grab Joe but Joe fights back, stabbing the pen into one of the men and sending him flying. Joe continues to fight the other henchman and tells Anna to run. Anna grabs the Key and finds a door that has not been burned. She uses the Key to open it as Joe sens the henchman down a level. Weasel grabs Anna and tries to get the Key, sending her into the room without it. Weasel closes the door and rests it with Anna inside. Joe tackles him and begins pounding his face in. Weasel says that he did not mean to reset her and that she is not dead and Joe can bring her back. The henchman comes running and begins firing a gun. Joe grabs the Key and goes into the Room and closes the door. Inside the room, Joe angrily throws the Key and sits down in sadness and anger.

The ClockEdit

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Marco Cordova
  2. Jake Squillo
  3. Ignacio Loca
  4. Weasel
  5. Unnamed Henchman
  6. Unnamed Henchman
  7. Joe Miller
  8. Lou Destefano
  9. Martin Ruber
  10. Anthony
  11. Anna Miller
  12. Lee Bridgewater
  13. Isaac Kreutzfeld
  14. Karl Kreutzfeld
  15. Jennifer Bloom
  16. Wally Jabrowski
  17. Nurse

Objects in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. The Key
  2. The Pen
  3. The Nail File
  4. The Bus Ticket
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