The Wedding Photo was a picture of Eddie McCleister and his wife Mabel on the day of their wedding with the handwritten inscription of "Summer, 1959" on the back. Confirmed by Wally Jabrowski as an Object, the properties of it are unknown as Mabel apparently kept it tucked into a book all those years.

In 1961 Eddie had given it to Mabel, who no longer remembered him as ever having existed, in an attempt to try and get her to remember him. Mabel was disconcerted that it was indeed her in the photograph and that it was her handwriting on the back. She still had it in 2006 when Joe Miller and Wally visited her in search of details about the newspaper police blotter article which related Eddie accosting her. Mabel wistfully admitted she had never married and had often wondered "what if" she had said, "Yes, I remember you," to Eddie.

She gave the picture to Joe.

As the Occupant, Eddie felt the photograph heading his way in the sanitarium he had committed himself to and allowed it to get close in hopes it was still Mabel who had it.