Wally Jabrowski
Wally Jabrowski
Gender Male
Professional Statistics
Personal Statistics
Status Living
Objects Owned Bus Ticket
Actor Peter Jacobson

Wally Jabrowski was the owner of the Bus Ticket, and he had extensive knowledge of objects and their powers. He knows many object collectors and was a friend to Joe Miller, telling him everything he needed to know about objects. As the owner of the Bus Ticket, he knew the precise location of the Sunshine Motel and even knew some of its secrets.

He stuck duct tape around the lower half of the Bus Ticket so that he could use it to send people to 'hell' as a punishment for insulting him, mocking him, or just simply annoying him. As a result, the Sunshine Motel is thought to be haunted by the residents of the nearby town.

He assisted Joe Miller in his efforts to bring his daughter back from the room, but later decided that he wanted no further part in what was going on. Despite this, he still remained a valuable aid to Joe and a vital informant as to the object's powers.

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